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Maria was asked to answer questions for two prominent voter’s guides, The League of Women Voters 411Vote & The News Journal Voter’s Guide. Get to know where Maria stands on the most pressing issues facing Wilmington. 

News Journal Voter’s Guide: 

What are your top two priorities if elected? 

My top two priorities are Public Safety and Economic Development. The cornerstone of public safety should be equality, the primary virtue that should define our city and its operational execution. I will use my office to advocate for action to ensure equal treatment, equal justice, and equal opportunities for ALL citizens of Wilmington. My focus will be collaborating and working on initiatives to decrease gun violence and restoring confidence in law enforcement. I support increasing after school programs, providing mental health counseling and adequate resources to our youth. Furthermore, continuing to work on Neighborhood Stabilization initiatives that will address the vacant and dilapidated properties in Wilmington, increase home ownership, and reduce disorderly and nuisance behaviors which plague many of our neighborhoods. The second tenet of my strategic plan is economic development initiatives that will cultivate and safeguard a prosperous community. I will promote policies to attract new employers and startups, support local and minority businesses, and promote workforce training. 

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