María D. Cabrera

Maria D. Cabrera is the mother to four; three adult children, Miguel, Jessica, Caitlin, and an amazing teenager; Vincent. Grandmother of three, Cassius, Julian, Nature Maria, and favorite Titi to dozens of nieces and nephews.

Maria currently is the Administrator and client manager of a very busy and growing home health care agency, Holistic Home Health Care. Oversee operations, HR support for over a 100 employees, marketing, outreach, client development and management. Working as a Certified Federal Navigator with the Affordable Care Marketplace inspired getting licensed as a health insurance agent broker. This led to starting the Complete Benefits Group Insurance Agency. Working as an entrepreneur included running a Communication Agency, Los Angeles Agency, owning a cafe and catering business. Additional work experience includes working in communications, TV and radio; as well as the medical field, and in the community with seniors and youth.

Maria has expanded her entrepreneurship to include becoming a licensed Health Insurance Broker, and launched her own agency, Complete Benefits Group, LLC. Her advocacy continues for accessible and affordable health care stemming from her six years as a Federal Navigator for Affordable Care. (ACA) She is certified with numerous Medicare Advantage Providers, and Aflac.

Maria is founder and President of Los Angeles, Inc. whose services include: designing culturally appropriate marketing strategies, bilingual and multicultural communications, multilingual translations, and television productions. She has over 37 years of combined marketing, communications, and sales experience, in addition to 28 years of community organizing and outreach. L.A. Inc. helps organizations to identify, leverage and align their vision in the marketplace.

Maria was elected on November 6, 2012 to a four-year term as an At-Large Member of Wilmington City Council. She served from 2012 until 2017. She is the first Hispanic female elected to office in DE, and the first to run for Mayor of Wilmington, DE. Ms. Cabrera is very active and continues to work on implementing solutions to the hard-core problems facing Wilmington as a private and well-respected citizen of Wilmington. She is loved and endeared to many in her community.

Maria is a former Council Member serving from 2012-2017. She has previously worked in the City of Wilmington Office of Cultural Affairs as the events coordinator under former Mayor James H. Sills, Jr. She later accepted the position of Director of Education and Community Relations for the Grand Opera House, where she was responsible the area of arts management and development.

For the past 36 years, Maria has lived and worked in Wilmington. She has built strong strategic partnerships with leaders throughout Delaware and has demonstrated her leadership skills and dedication to the Wilmington community and the entire State by serving as a member of more than 20 boards and committees.

Maria D. Cabrera is a founding member of the Hispanic Business Association of Delaware and served as its President. Through her role on Council, she focused on economic development and empowerment opportunities for people and communities throughout Wilmington, all of Delaware and beyond. Maria currently serves on the following boards: Los Jardines, Interfaith Community Housing Foundation, and Sacred Heart Village II.

Maria D. Cabrera served as the Delaware Director for the National Foundation for Women Legislators, (2014-2016) and on the board of National League of Cities Women in Municipal Government, (2014-2017) Maria was also a member of the National League of Cities’ Hispanic Elected Local Officials, (2014-2017).

Former Council Member Cabrera served as chairperson of the City Council’s Housing and Licenses and Inspections Committee and was a member of the following Council committees and commission: Community and Economic Development Committee, Education, Youth & Families Committee, Wilmington Cable, Video and Telecommunications Commission. She introduced four key pieces of legislation, numerous resolutions, and co-sponsored many others during her tenure. (Disorderly Premises, Provisional Business Licenses, Landlord Training, Statute of Limitations on Parking Fines, Safety and Prevention of Chemical Disasters, Congressional Medal of Honor for the Borinqueneers 65th Infantry, Puerto Rico).

Cabrera has received many commendations, including a letter of appreciation from President William Clinton, Women of the Next Century from the YWCA, The Most Influential Hispanic in Delaware Valley Award in 2004 and 2014, Outstanding Community Outreach Award from the Latin American Community Center, Keys to the City of Wilmington, Outstanding Employee from Mayor James H. Sills, Jr., to name a few.
Maria is a motivational speaker and is asked to speak at many functions on issues of cultural competency, emerging markets, outreach strategies, healthcare solutions, and professional development.

Most importantly Maria has earned the trust and respect of the citizens of Wilmington, as well as develop long lasting relationships.

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Community Involvement Maria Cabrera has worked as a volunteer for numerous organizations since she was a teenager in her

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PUBLIC SAFETY Ensure EQUAL treatment, EQUAL justice, and EQUAL opportunities for ALL of Wilmington Institute community led public safety initiatives & restore confidence

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For the past 30 years, I have actively engaged with leaders and citizens throughout