Maria’s Vision and Success Plan for Wilmington


Ensure EQUAL treatment, EQUAL justice, and EQUAL opportunities for ALL of Wilmington 

Institute community led public safety initiatives restore confidence in law enforcement 

Predictive Policing: Preventing Crime with Data & Analytics- Focus on Prevention, Criminal Justice & Enforcement Strategies 

Decrease gun violence and ADVOCATE for more after school programs, mental health counseling & resources for our youth 

Successful re-entry through education and job training 


Create Incentives to Attract New Employers to Wilmington

Invest in Innovation, Startups and the Arts

Support Small, Youth, Minority and Women Owned Businesses/Institute “Buy Local” Initiatives

Expand Workforce Training & Improve Wages and Benefits


Address vacant and dilapidated properties, increase home ownership, and reduce disorderly behaviors 

Establish safety audits and institute “Crime Prevent Through Environmental Design” 

Increase ease of access for seniors; sidewalk repairs, ADA accessibility, and transportation 

Improve and preserve open spaces, public parks, and plazas 

Support Environmental Justice reforms, initiatives and policies